December 10, 2014

Glitter Bug Christmas: Nativity Scene Ornament Tutorial

Is it just me or are the holidays coming around a little too fast?? I keep seeing all these photos of beautifully decorated houses and I keep wondering when they had the time! It has all come around so fast and I literally hung most of our inside lights on Monday night! Our tree didn’t even go up until the 3rd!! I’ll get the rest of the decorations up this week – hopefully, maybe… actually don’t hold me to that.

I may not be able to get our house decorated but I have managed to get a few tutorials done for you guys for your Christmas tree. I’m working on more and I hope to have lots of d├ęcor and gift tutorials up for you guys in the coming weeks. One thing is for sure ALL my tutorials will be easy and inexpensive because ain’t nobody got time for all the time and money! Today I’m sharing a super easy tutorial on how to make this adorable Nativity Scene Ornament. It won’t take you more than 20 minutes TOPS and it’s super cheap coming it at just $2.05!

You’ll need:

·         Clear ornament
(plastic or glass, mine was a photo ornament that breaks in half)
·         Nativity scene silhouette
(I used this one)
·         Artificial snow
(alternatively; table salt or fine grain sugar)
·         White glitter (optional)
Flower sequins (optional)
·         Sewing thread
·         Hot glue gun & glue sticks

1.      Start by re-sizing and printing out your silhouette. I printed mine on cardstock. Cut your silhouette out using precision scissors or a cutting machine.

2.       Cut a short length of thread. You don’t need it to be too long – about 4 inches. You will probably only use about 1-2cm. Place a small dab of hot glue on the back of your silhouette and place your thread into the glue.

3.      This step is optional but I think it adds something. Grab a cotton pad and wet it, run the cotton pad over the inner surface of your bauble – both sides. Tip some white glitter (fine or chunky) into both sides of the bauble and swirl it around. Tap out the excess until you have a coverage you like. You want it to look like a sprinkling of snow!

4.      Grab you nativity scene and work out how low you want it to hang. Squeeze some hot glue onto the top of on half of your ornament and press the thread into the glue.

5.      Add your artificial snow and flower sequins (if you want) – this part is MESSY guys, I swear this stuff is worse than glitter! I used a spoon to put mine in! You won't need much either.

6.      Close up your ornament and shake gently until the snow is evenly distributed and HANG!

See I told you it was simple. Just a few easy steps and you have a super cute, meaningful ornament that will help to remind you of the true meaning of Christmas. I love catching a glimpse of this ornament hanging on our tree, with the twinkle of our fairy lights shining through the cut out – so magical and Christmassy! If you make an ornament like this please feel free to share it on my Facebook page, tag me on Instagram (@glitterbugblog) or use the hashtag #glitterbugchristmas so I can see all your marvellous creations!!!  XO

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December 7, 2014

100+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone!

Wow it’s already December! How did we get here?! I know things have been very quiet here on the home front but guys, I’ve been so busy!! I have been totally unprepared for Christmas this year and literally only began crafting for Christmas the final week of November!! I’m still crafting like a mad woman and I’m slowly getting things together and the house is coming together nicely. I’m hoping to share some photos of our decorated house – but who knows! But today I’m sharing my Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone!

I don’t know if I’ve told you but I LOVE Christmas, like really love, like Joanie loves Chachi love. That’s real love guys. I don’t know what it is but around mid- November I notice a change in the air, I associate a lot of things with smells and Christmas is one of them, every now and then I catch of wiff of something in the air and it just smells like Christmas to me. I love everything about the festive season, the glimmer of the holiday lights, watching the trees slowly go up around town, wreaths get hung on the door and the shopping centres get decked out. It’s a marvellous time of year for me but for the past few years I’ve been working so hard to change my family members minds about Christmas and I’m finally getting through. For me family isn’t about expensive presents, it’s about being together, being grateful for what we’ve been given and decorating your house. It’s taken me some time to get my family around to the idea of Christmas without focusing on the commercialisation or the gifts but it’s working and this year we decided to have stockings to reduce the pressure of “are these gifts enough..?” “it doesn’t look like much” – come on you know we all do that.

So for us this year, I’ll be making and hanging stockings (don’t judge I said I was behind!) and we will be filling them full of little trinkets for under $5 (if it’s $10 or more it’s a gift) and I thought I would share my list of stocking stuffer ideas! Guys there are so many things on this list – like over 100 but stocking stuffers can easily be found at the dollar store or Kmart and the best stocking stuffers are fun takes on practical items! SO! Here is my HUGE list of Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone!

Stocking Stuffers for Him

·         Socks (I know, I know! But these are SO practical and I can get good quality socks for $1 a pair! Practical stocking stuffers are great!)
·         Novelty USB (these are more pricey – around $10 but they are so cool!)
·         Headphones (you can grab these for $2-$3 each and they are great!)
·         Mini speakers (again around $10)
·         Wrist watch
·         Sunglasses
·         Flip flops (you can get plain ones for $2)
·         Phone cover
·         Handkerchiefs (see my Monogrammed Hankie Tutorial HERE)
·         Novelty t-shirt
·         Jar of lollies (grab a $1 jar from a discount store and a bag of their favourite lollies – easy!)
·         Flavoured nuts, chocolate covered pretzels (same as above)
·         Beef jerky (my brother is getting this!)
·         Fun santa hat
·         Mints (everyone could use mints!)
·         Mini flashlight
·         Underwear (you can get a pair or a two pack for around $5)

Stocking Stuffers for Her

·         scented candles (I found some for $1 at Kmart)
·         reed diffusers (around $5)
·         puzzle books (crosswords, word search, Sudoku)
·         cook book
·         tote/beach bag (BUY or DIY)
·         novelty USB (again more pricey at around $10)
·         headphones (these are universal – perfect for everyone!)
·         pretty pens
·         pretty notebook/notepad
·         purse/clutch (BUY or DIY)
·         sunglasses
·         jewellery (Kmart has great jewellery for under $5)
·         shoes/flip flops (I found Big W or Kmart always has great discounts)
·         nail polish (easily found for under $5)
·         knitting/crochet pattern book
·         yarn
·         phone case
·         tablet/kindle cover (BUY or DIY)
·         small planner (the discount store are great for these!)
·         pretty diary stickers (discount stores sell stickers that work for this purpose)
·         coffee voucher
·         coffee capsules/pods
·         pretty coffee mug (easily DIY)
·         purse sized tissue & cover
·         nail file
·         plain or novelty t-shirts
·         jar of their favourite lollies
·         handmade cookies
·         wind chime (Kmart has some for $2.50)
·         keychain
·         coasters (DIY)
·         magazine (easily found under $7)
·         small fabric bundle (fat quarters are around $2.50 each)
·         mini sewing kit
·         apron
·         pretty zippered pouch with Panadol
·         vase
·         candle holder
·         wall art (you can easily download a free print and frame it)
·         slippers
·         mittens
·         scarf (BUY or DIY)
·         travel mug
·         coffee cup warmer (DIY)
·         small plant/flowers (small ‘potted colour’ can be found for $3-$4)
·         pretty fridge magnets (DIY or try discount stores)
·         pretty camera strap (DIY or buy)
·         Christmas jewellery
·         Soaps, body lotion, bath salts etc.
·         Mints
·         Pretty/fun wine glass or glass charms
·         Bubble bath (BUY or DIY)
·         Pretty tea towels (BUY or DIY)
·         Cute/pretty measuring cups
·         Baking utensils
·         Fun sticky notes
·         Washi tape/fabric tape
·         Embellishments
·         Make up brushes (my favourites are under $5 from Kmart)
·         Make up (lip gloss, eye shadow pots, make-up removing wipes)
·         Hat (check the sale sections of the shop)
·         Nail stickers
·         Hair clips

Stocking Stuffers for Kids

·         Socks
·         Underwear
·         Joke book
·         Kids make-up kits (more for kids 8 and up)
·         Shoes
·         Nail polish
·         Puzzles (pocket size – BUY or DIY)
·         Headphones
·         Fun pens (like the ones with the fuzzy tops)
·         Colouring books (novelty character packs can be found in department or grocery stores)
·         Colouring pencils/crayons
·         Wrist watch
·         Cute sunglasses (heart shaped, star shaped)
·         Kids jewellery (ice creams, ponies etc.)
·         Stickers
·         Character sticker books
·         Fun shaped rubbers/erasers
·         Bouncy balls, tennis balls etc.
·         Marbles
·         Teddy bears/stuffed toys
·         Mini toy cars (these can be found for around $1)
·         Cute t-shirts
·         Jar of their favourite lollies (this is awesome for kids who may not get lollies much)
·         Keychain (great to put on their backpacks)
·         Kids magazine
·         Apron (a great idea is buy or DIY a matching mummy and me set!)
·         Cute posters or poster book
·         Mittens
·         Scarf
·         Beanie
·         Hat
·         Fun pencil case
·         Christmas jewellery
·         Flavoured milk straws
·         Headbands/hair accessories
·         Chewing gum
·         Kids bubble bath (the ones in the plastic squeeze bubbles in character shapes)

Stocking Stuffers for Pets

·         pet toys
·         pet clothes (DIY from baby onesies)
·         pet bed (see my DIY Crochet Pet Bed HERE)
·         pet treats (BUY or DIY)
·         new collar
·         new lead
·         fun boys bow tie
·         girls bow
·         fun Christmas costume
·         water bottle/travel bowl

·         food bowls

I hope that there were plenty of ideas there to get you all thinking! I've got some DIY tutorials coming up this week so stay tuned! XO

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