April 16, 2014

Do-It-Yourself Cuddly Teddy Bear

Easter is only 4 days away (or 5 if you count Sunday) which means it’s now time to be seriously thinking about your kiddos Easter baskets. When I was a kid we got Easter eggs of course but we also got things like books, a new outfit or something we could cherish. Easter was never just about chocolate for us, it was more about family and being grateful for what we have been given. We may not be a family that attends church every Sunday but we believe and I think that is okay too. So for today’s tutorial I’m sharing a little project that you can whip up while watching television and pop in the kids Easter basket for something other than chocolate. It’s my Do-It-Yourself Cuddly Teddy Bear!

I made this little teddy in a few hours and I hand stitched everything but it could be made a lot quicker if you used a machine for certain things. I used a combination of hand stitching and hot gluing for certain things but really this little cutie came together quite quickly and it was something fun to do while watching television at night. I love the fact that she’s not perfect, she’s a little crooked and her smile isn’t perfectly straight but I love her and she is cute and cheery and any little kiddo would love her all the same. Kids don’t care about how much something costs or that it doesn’t look perfect they love things with all their hearts and enjoy the gifts they receive and that is truly beautiful. So let’s make ourselves a Cuddly Teddy Bear! 

April 11, 2014

Do-It-Yourself Easter Wreath

Easter is getting closer but there is still time to decorate you house for the festive Easter season. This year I wanted to keep my Easter d├ęcor simple – I don’t have a lot in my house actually, the wreath on our door and my centrepiece on the table. That’s it… I am thinking of adding a fun pom pom garland but I won’t be adding much more than that. This Easter I wanted to keep things simple so when it came time to make my wreath I knew what I wanted and got cracking. I kept it simple by using twine, paper flowers and a cute fluffy bunny which made this Do-It-Yourself Easter Wreath a quick and simple little project.

Although this project is quick and simple, there is a lot of repetition in it – wrapping the twine for example with take you a few hours but can easily be done watching a movie or your favourite TV show so it’s not a hard task if you ask me.  Making the flowers is super fun and also very quick – I love making paper flowers and after I finish my Easter cards I’ll be making more for my quick wreath swap over after Easter.  So let’s make ourselves a Simple Easter Wreath.

April 7, 2014

DIY Easter Centerpiece

April has arrived which means Easter is near and this year I actually wanted to get some decorations up for Easter Saturday rolled around. But as per usual I was about 3 days late getting my decorations organised but at least they will be up in enough time to enjoy them as Easter rolls around. Today I’m sharing my simple and cute DIY Easter Centrepiece that I created to sit in the centre of our dining table. It is currently sitting next to a large vase of beautiful pale pink/cream coloured chrysanthemums (my birth flower) and it looks so cute together!! I cannot wait to separate the remaining flowers into little milk bottles either side of the centrepiece!

This simple DIY Easter Centrepiece comes together in just a few simple steps and if you already have everything on hand it’s even quicker!

You Will Need:
·       Small glass plate (I used a spare candle plate)
·       Shredded tissue paper in chosen colour/s
·       Tiny fluffy chicken (optional)
·       Pom-Pom Easter bunny
·       Easter eggs

Step 1: Clean your candle plate/dish and add some shredded tissue. Try to create a little nest with the paper, be sure not to add too much and to get rid of as many straggling strands of paper hanging over the sides. It’s not totally possible as you can see with mine but a few stray strands gives it a more rustic, realistic look.

Step 2: Add your bunny! I created my bunny using two pom-poms I had made for a Christmas decoration I never finished and I just loosely follow this photo tutorial and personalised my bunny the way I wanted. Once you’ve made your bunny, pick a spot and move some of the tissue paper around to create a well of sorts for your bunny to sit in, this helps keep the bunny upright (mine fell forward a bit) and makes it look more natural.

Step 3: Layer in your eggs. We bought some yummy Turkish Delight Easter eggs when we grabbed the tissue paper and I added a couple of these, nestled into the tissue paper – digging them into the paper by creating a well (like the bunny) I only added four at a time and I will replace them when someone eats one J

Step 4: (Optional)  Add your chicken! I wanted my chicken to sit on top of one of my Easter eggs so I grabbed a small blob of blue tac and pushed it into his little feet and secured him to the egg. I wanted him to be able to sit above the tissue but still look natural all the same.

I told you it was simple!! In just 4 simple steps you can create a super cute and easy DIY Easter themed centrepiece for your table. I just love the way the whole thing turned out and if I’m honest, this was my 2nd try. I did the whole thing first with blue tissue paper but with the mix of gold, grey and blue something just didn’t look right. So when we stopped in at the grocery store for some forgotten tissues and I saw this yummy cream coloured tissue paper I snagged it ($2!) and swapped it all over and now I just LOVE the final product. My Easter colours are cream/white and blue with touches of grey. I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial in a while. I’ve got another Easter themed one coming up soon, plus another two tutorials I made and photographed over the weekend so more is coming to the blog!!

I’ve also added a bunch more stuff to my Etsy Store (with more to come) so I’d love it so much if you could head on over and see if there is something that catches your eye!! And have a Happy Monday!! 

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March 30, 2014


As  most of you all know, I re-opened my Etsy store a few weeks ago after a LONG hiatus and just last night I listed my first physical items which have been sooo long in the process but due to the fact that I live in a town with no craft or department store it’s made it hard to gather supplies to make sure I have stock to fill my store with. But I’ve now listed some items and more will be going up today as well as tomorrow (it’s recommended to stagger listing to get shown in the Etsy bar) so I’d really appreciate it if you stopped by the store and checked it out to see if you see something you like – everything is handmade by myself and I am super critical of everything I do so if there is anything in my store you can bet your bottom dollar that it was good enough to get past my ridiculously high standards (seriously I get myself into trouble because I’m so critical of my stuff)

Also now that things with the shop have progressed it means I’m going to be doing more regular crafting in the meantime – well stuff I can share with you all anyway. I’ve got some super fun Easter themed crafts coming up and I’m hoping to be sharing my very first video tutorial on a soon to be created YouTube channel in a few weeks – I’ve filmed my first video already but I’m having trouble with my cameras audio and I’m trying to work out how to resolve it so the videos may still be a week or so away!

Today I want to do something different – since becoming an Etsy seller I’ve realised how uber important it is to get exposure for your store, but it’s hard to get good exposure on a super tight budget like ours. I’ve been lucky enough to have some wonderful long term bloggers who are wonderful friends who are willing to do a review post of my store on their blogs and I am so thankful for their help but unfortunately the world of Etsy is just so large it’s so easy to get swallowed up and at this stage I can’t afford advertising and review posts are only a good idea for a few times (before you start losing money instead of earning it) so I want to do something here, on my little patch of blog world – I want to share Etsy stores. Your Etsy stores, Etsy stores I’ve purchased from, had good experiences with, personally admire and want to share.

Over the last few weeks I’ve made a few purchases with Etsy and so far my experience has been wonderful so I want to share some of the shops I’ve bought from and admire. Last fortnight I purchased a digital purse pattern from Brighter Day run by one of my favourite bloggers Whitney Newby of Elm Street Life. Her patterns and purses are divine and I was stoked to see she was selling her second digital pattern at a reduced price because she had yet to finish the flowers tutorials to go with it. I jumped on a bargain deal and snagged the pattern and received the flower tutorials a few days later – that bargain isn’t still available but you can buy the same pattern as I did plus her gorgeous Sydney clutch pattern and tutorial for a GREAT price. Plus a percentage of all profits made goes to a wonderful charity helping victims of sex trafficking. A great cause in my mind and a great purchase.

The second thing I bought from Etsy was also a digital item and I purchased it just last night and I cannot be more thrilled with the wonderful things I got. I bought a set of beautiful floral digital papers which are perfect for prints for my store and I also snagged 2 sets of gorgeous Easter themed digital stamps all for just $3.30!! I bought these amazing bargains from a store called Pretty Grafik Design and right now Sarah is having an 80% off end of the month sale, which means everything in her store is 0.99 cents US or just $1.10 AUD which in my book is a mega bargain!! So if you are interested in digital papers, digital scrapbooking or use digital stamps get over to Sarah’s store and snag yourself a few deals of the century while they are still available!!

I have bought a few physical items from Etsy this week but since they have not arrived yet I am not going to comment about the store, since my items have yet to be shipped. But once I get them I will be sure to share my experiences with you all. In the meantime PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE support Etsy sellers. Most Etsy sellers are just people like me trying to help their families out by earning some extra money, selling gorgeous handmade items. Remember handmade is always a 1000 times better than anything store bought because it’s one of a kind – no two items are alike and they in itself is totally awesome! Thanks friends and I’ll be back soon with some Easter fun!!

Want to get $5 to spend on Etsy?? Go to this link and follow the instructions to claim your free $5 for your first purchase on Etsy! With $5 you can purchase one of my prints for just $1 or you can get one of my gorgeous headbands for just $10!!

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March 13, 2014

Guest Post: Discovering Your Body Shape

I promised that I would be having a guest stop by today and I am! I’m so excited about todays guest, she is a wonderful all round blogger who has some really great posts on her blog, today we are welcoming Allie from An Allie Event over to the blog which is SO great, Allie has been so wonderful to work with and I cannot wait for you all to read her amazing post – I think it’s brilliant! So I’m going to let Allie take it from here!

Hi! I'm Alli and I bring it ALL to the table with menus, recipes, humorous stories and helpful hints for extraordinary events over at An Alli Event. I'm flattered, honored and excited to be guest hosting for Danielle today and I'm looking forward to sharing Glitter Bug on my social media sites. 

Today I want to share with you three tips on dressing for your body shape. Not because swimsuit season is only 8-10 weeks away (oh, joy), but because once you learn how to dress for your particular shape, shopping will be a breeze instead of a chore. I promise you that dressing for your body shape will change your life! For instance, I know my body type and I'll share it below. If I put on an A-line skirt - BAM - an instant 10 lb. (or more) weight gain. A dark colored pencil skirt instantly erases those 10 lbs. and usually subtracts 5 more. I'm all about subtracting when it comes to lbs. or inches! I'm well aware that most of us focus on our imperfections instead of our strong points. If I were to ask you what your body flaws were right this instant, I bet you could rattle off several in a nano second. If I were to ask what your best features were, more often than not, there would be a long pause before you could think of one. But I know that you have many strong points! Maybe you've been playing up those little imperfections (we all have them) and ignoring your best features. That, my friend, is about to change! When you learn these 3 tips on dressing for your body shape, you will stop spending so much time in the dressing room having to try on garment after garment. When you know how to shop for your body type, shopping becomes much easier. As a matter of fact, you will want to read about my favorite shopping steals and deals. You can find them here! Please note: There is no right or wrong body shape! Every shape is beautiful!

March 12, 2014

I'm back & I've got some news!

Etsy Store

Remember me?? Yeah I’m the blogger who is supposed to blog here – I know, I’ve been a rare appearance here lately and I’m sorry about that but ever since I took a break over the holidays I’ve found it really hard to get back into my crafting mojo. But I’m working on a few new projects, I finally got the new blog design up (although I have a few tweaks to make) and I finally finished something I’ve been planning for months.

I re-opened my Etsy store. Finally, I’ve been working on it slowly for months on end and I finally opened it again on Monday. I've given it a face lift and a new name - Dear Chantilly and I’m so excited to be back in business again and this time I selling things I really enjoy making. I have decided to start selling pretty headbands and hair accessories for girls and gals, boy accessories (like bow ties and ties) and digital art prints both pre-made and custom. I am actually going away at the end of this week and I won’t be back until the end of next week so I have only got the shop stocked with digital items that can be downloaded instantly, I will be able to work on any custom orders that come in while I am away as I’m taking my laptop with me but I won’t obviously be taking my craft items.

So to celebrate the opening of my shop I am giving anyone who orders 10% off their purchase when they use the code GLITTERBUG10. The code is valid from 11th March, 2014 until the 21st March, 2014 and the minimum spend limit to use this code is $6 so every item currently in my store is on sale for 10% off with this code – so if you’ve got some quote art you’ve been wanting to get or something you want custom made now is the time to do it while everything is on sale. If you have something you want made in mind, please contact me and I will create your item for you (custom work is all the same price - $12) plus with you 10% discount you can get some custom work for your home for a great price.

I will be back tomorrow with a guest post from a really awesome blogger, plus I’m actually going to be posting my first ever video tutorial in a few days (I’m filming tomorrow, eek!) so stay tuned for that! J But I promise that I’ll be back more often with some tutorials and new stuff so keep coming back, I promise I’ll be around more often!

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February 26, 2014


I don’t really know how to start this post but I said earlier in the year that I wanted to start sharing more of me – warts and all. Well this is a warts post. If I were to write down what I am feeling right now I would probably write trapped. The last few weeks I’ve been feeling extremely trapped and felt a great urge to get out of our town, don’t get me wrong I like it here – the fresh air and breezes, the quietness of the town, the friendliness but I’ve been feeling like the walls have been closing in on me slowly but surely and at the moment I’ve barely got enough room to turn let alone get out. I can’t explain why I feel this way but everything makes me feel like having a panic attack (I’ve struggled with anxiety for years but that’s another warts post) and I just can’t make sense of it. I’ve noticed a change in myself lately too, I’ve stopped creating almost altogether and I’ve become more bitter and jealous – it’s not a shift in personality that I like at all but I can’t seem to help it, I just feel this way and nothing I tell myself seems to make me feel any better.

Living in a small town means that we only know a select few people, sure we say hi to the girl at the grocery store checkout and have a chat to the girls at the chemist but aside from my mums sister and her husband (and his parents) we don’t have anyone to socialize with. All of our friends are back in the town we left to come here, I know we won’t move back there for many reasons but we are planning a visit in March and I am so excited to go back and see friends and just get out of this town for a bit, but my mum doesn’t have that same feeling and it makes me sad. I am so excited just to go back home and visit with our friends and people we haven’t seen in over a year but I feel like she just doesn’t care at all which makes me feel like I’m drifting away from my family. If they are happy enough to stay here and not go back to our old city then what is wrong with me? Is this something I’m doing wrong that makes me feel this way? All this questions run through my head and I feel that box closing in tighter on me and it makes my head spin. I have to admit some days are worse than others and some days I actually feel okay here but this last week those days have been few and far between and I’m beginning to feel like I’m going crazy.
I know how blessed I am and I thank the good Lord each and every day for the house we live in, the good health we enjoy, our pets, each other and having the luxuries that we have but I feel like right now I need to just get out of here and see something else instead of the streets that we drive every time we go out, visit stores that we only get to see once every few months and see the faces of the people I only get to communicate with through Facebook.  Even though I have been feeling this way I still thank the Lord for these feelings, I know it means I’m human and that I’m normal just like everyone else (something I’ve doubted before lol!) and that eventually I’ll get to the bottom of these feelings and find the solution to fixing them, but I know that right now I just have to deal with them the best I can and solider on.

For some reason writing this post has helped me in so many ways, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and that boxed in room has now expanded to give me a bit more wiggle room. I do feel weird just blurting my feelings out to all you people in the blog-o-sphere but I know that someone out there has felt this before and I am sure that someone else out there is feeling this and if I can let them know that it’s okay to feel this then taking this big leap and exposing my vulnerability has all been worth it. I promise I will be back soon with something more cheerful that this – think St Patrick’s Day…

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