October 22, 2014

Dainty Necklace Tutorial

I love jewellery, I just don’t wear it much. I find it hard to find jewellery that I can wear without knowing it’s there – lots of trends in the past year have been about bold, statement jewllery and that certainly does not say ‘invisible’. But then along came the dainty jewellery trend and it was like that fashion gods had taken pity on me and created the simplicity and comfort I was after. Now, I’m obessesed with dainty jewellery and I’m working hard on filling up my jewellery box with lots of gorgeous danity pieces. 

Of course, being the crafter that I am I decided that I’d have to make myself some dainty jewellery to save money and then when I was browsing the shelves of the local discount store and came across a Christmas embellishment pack (that just happened to contain some cute little star charms) I just knew that one of them was going to become my first piece of dainty jewellery – and today I’m sharing my Dainty Necklace Tutorial with you all! It’s super simple and won’t take you any longer than 10 minutes maximum!! Plus if you already have jewellery making supplies you’ll only need to get yourself your pendant piece. If you want your necklace to be cost free, I suggest having a search around your house for charms that may have fallen off of other pieces like old earrings, keychains or even hanging decorations. 

You’ll need

·         Jewellery plies – 2 pairs
·         Wire cutters
·         Necklace chain
·         Charms/pendant
·         Lobster clasp
·         Jump rings

First you’re going to want to cut your chain to the length you want. This will depend on how long you like your necklaces to be. I prefer my necklaces to be mid length (not too short or long) so I cut mine to 18 inches long.

Use your pliers to open a jump ring, slide your chain (or pendant) onto the jump ring and close it with your pliers. 

Use your pliers to open a jump ring, slide your chain (or pendant) onto the jump ring and close it with your pliers. 

Open your other two jump rings, attach one to the final link of one side of the necklace chain and attach the other to the loop on the lobster clasp. Leave that jump ring open.

Slide the other end of your necklace chain onto the jump ring with the lobster clasp and close it with your pliers. 

That’s it! I told you it was simple, I love how easy it is to make your own dainty jewellery and it’s super affordable too! I snagged the pack of Christmas embellishments for $2.50 and if you divide that by the number of items in the box it works out to just $0.03 for the charm! So I just made myself an adorable necklace for just 3 cents!! Of course if you were to purchase the other items (excluding tools) it would probably be about $5 for 2-3 necklaces which is an awesome price! Dainty necklaces like this would make PERFECT Christmas gifts for friends, fashion lovers of even little girls! They’re super simple and look amazing plus they are totally affordable! Since I’ve made this necklace I’ve been looking at everything with a new light – how could I use that cute little piece for a necklace or how could I turn that into a bracelet so you should be expecting a few more jewellery tutorials in the coming weeks!! What would you use to make a pretty dainty necklace? And who would you give it to? XO

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October 20, 2014

Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone who joined in the  celebrations for our 2nd Birthday! It was a great week! I’m just quickly popping in to announce the winner of the giveaway. I know its late but things in my corner of the world have been hectic and I’ve been struggling to keep up. Anyway, the lucky winner of our fun prize pack is:

Sarah Cullot

Congratulations Sarah! there is an email waiting for you in your inbox and I’ve notified the other store owners so you should hear from them soon! Thanks to everyone who entered, thanks to all my gorgeous guest poster and thank you to everyone who stops by and reads this blog. I know I’ve been absent a lot this year and I apologize, I’m struggling with juggling everything that is going on in my life at the moment so please bear with my while I try to find me feet! I have got a cute little tutorial for you all that will be perfect for Christmas so I’ll be sharing that later this week! Thank you to you all! XO

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October 10, 2014

Birthday Week: 5 Wardrobe Essentials for Fall with Kylie Rose

It’s Friday!!! Yay, I can hear you all jumping for joy at the sound of the weekend looming! Well Friday’s at Glitter Bug usually involve fashion and this Friday is no different. We’re continuing on our Birthday Week Celebrations with a guest post from the absolutely gorgeous and talented Kylie from AbsolutelyArkansas!! I love reading Kylie’s blog and I’ve loved seeing her projects for her beautiful wedding which was just a few short months ago. Not only is Kylie’s blog filled with awesome DIY’s and recipes but she’s also an amazing fashionista and she loves to keep things extra budget friendly! – I knew there was a reason we got on well! So today for our Birthday Edition of Friday Fashion, Kylie is going to be sharing her 5 Wardrobe Essential for Fall & Spring! 

Hello, ladies! I'm so excited to be guest posting for Danielle today. I blog over at Absolutely Arkansas and I am just obsessed with anything creative, pretty, and CHEAP! I love to create expensive looks for less, its sort of my passion. Today I want to share some wardrobe ESSENTIALS for you for Fall. Now I know you Aussies are enjoying Spring right now, but the great thing about Fall & Spring is they mix together so perfectly with the crisp weather, so these items totally work for both seasons!

There is no doubt that a plaid shirt just SCREAMS Fall.  They are cozy, but can be light enough that you're not sweating by the afternoon if the temperatures rise.

A Maxi dress seriously works for all occasions. Formal or casual and you're set. So many people throw their dresses into storage around the fall months, but I say bring leave them out! It's all about the layers.

Speaking of layers, a jean jacket is a MUST for both Fall and Spring. Layer your maxi dress with a cute plaid scarf in the Fall and  toss it over with a nice statement necklace in Spring and you are forever stylish!

If there is one thing that is sure about these transitioning seasons, it's bound to be wet! Nothing says practical and fashionable like a good pair of rain boots.

There is nothing I love like a pair of good-fitting skinny jeans! I absolutely love the destroyed detail on these as well. Skinnies work great with some over-the-knee boots and that plaid shirt you need in your wardrobe. In the warmer days they also look great with some flats and a casual tee-shirt! This is a staple year-round.

Thank you so much, Danielle, for the opportunity to come by today! A very Happy Birthday to Glitter Bug!


How gorgeous are Kylie's rainboots!! Argh now I have to buy some! Thanks so much Kylie for posting and joining in on our 2nd Birthday Celebrations!! Everyone, please be sure to hop on over to Absolutely Arkansas and say a big hello to the lovely Mrs Rose, you'll love her blog as much as I do and you'll be mad at me for getting you hooked! ;) Have you entered our 2nd Birthday Giveaway yet? If not pop over to this post and enter - you'll be in the running for an awesome girly prize pack from some awesome shops! I'll be back tomorrow with another exciting project! XO

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October 9, 2014

Birthday Week: Guest Post from Lia Griffith

You all know I love Lia Griffith, many of my projects and tutorials involve Lia Griffith Free Printables so when I was thinking about who I'd live to stop by the blog for Birthday Week, Lia was one of the first to pop to mind. I was so excited when I heard that Lia was going to be sharing her pretty Tissue Paper Poppies with us all! I love to be able to witness the transformation of simple, everyday items into something breath-takingly beautiful and today Lia is going to share her talents with us all! Yay!

I was thrilled and honored when Danielle asked if I would be willing to share a post on Glitterbug. I am so impressed by her talent and her drive and want to be the first one to congratulate her on her blog's 2 year anniversary! I want to send a huge bouquet of tissue poppies her way.  Below is a tutorial for making your own from my blog. Enjoy! ~ Lia

I have come to the conclusion that any paper. . . that is ANY paper. . . can be transformed into a gorgeous paper flower. However I am so excited about my first tissue paper flower. Poppy petals are so fragile and tissue like, that this paper just seemed too perfect. I used Livia Cetti's  (in my opinion the queen of tissue paper flowers) technique of bleaching the edge of the tissue which gave a gorgeous finish are variation of color for all of my poppies. Her recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of bleach to 1.5 cups of water. For these poppies, I cut 3 inch strips of each color. I then rolled the strip so that all of the long edges were together. Holding the top of the three inch tall roll, I dipped the edge into the bleach mix. I found that holding the tissue in the bleach mix about 5 seconds worked well for me. I liked the bleach to soak up to about half of three inches to get the best effect and noticed that different colors and different paper responded differently. Remember that once you pull the paper out of the bleach, it will still move into the dry part of the paper. Once dipped, I carefully unrolled the strip and hung it to dry. You will want to be careful to not bleach your clothes or other thing that are in your path. I hung all of my strips in my dining room window, pinning them onto a clothesline that I had attached for this project. The paper dries fairly quickly, but you will want to make for sure they are completely dry before you start to make your flowers. For the rest of the steps on how to make these pretty blooms, I have created this step-by-step tutorial for youThese are so fun to make and are a great project for your craft night with the girlfriends and if you use a low temp glue gun (which I always recommend anyway), can even make this project perfect for kids.  Enjoy! ~ Lia
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October 8, 2014

Birthday Week: Giveaway Time


Argh! The giveaway is up late, I’ve been so busy with orders and getting myself back on track that so many things seem to get forgotten, but don’t worry I’m extending the Birthday Week Celebrations until Monday to make up for my lack of posting yesterday. Unfortunately the blog has been suffering of late because of my lack of organisation – I’m scanning Pinterest like a mad woman for some ideas, feel free to share if you’ve got any that work! Well today we’re kicking off the Birthday Giveaway and I’m so excited about what I’ve got for one special person! I’ve teamed up with a couple of awesome shops and we’ve got an amazing prize for one of you and LOTS of special discounts for everyone else!!

Five Pecan Trees. Gosh I love this shop, Caroline makes the most amazing jewellery and it’s all made with love and care! When I reached out to Caroline to be a part of this giveaway she was more than willing to join in – in fact she offered to send me not one, but two amazing necklaces of my choice to photograph and share with  you. I had such a hard time picking just two things to choose but I eventually picked one of her gorgeous Paper Rose Necklacesin White and a Lace and Fabric Pendant in black satin and teal lace. I was so excited when I saw Caroline’s little yellow envelope peeking out of my mailbox and boy I was not disappointed. The love and care that has been put into each of the necklaces was immediately apparent, they had been carefully packed in gorgeous little craft boxes with handmade stickers and necklace card and we padded by soft fibrefill. I’m so excited to wear these necklaces and the length I chose turned out to be perfect for me – another great option Caroline offers. Plus with great prices they make amazing gifts for birthdays and Christmas!

Thatch and Thistle. The wonderful Brynne owns this shop and she sells the most amazing packaging supplies, pretty paper bags, stickers, twine, ribbons and trims, party supplies and so, so much more! Her shop is always being added to and each week she has a super fun giveaway on her Instagram page. The thing I love the most about Thatch and Thistle is the variety, there is just so much to choose from and Brynne is an amazing person who is more than happy to ask any questions that you might have! PLUS – Brynne has been kind enough to offer all Glitter Bug readers 15% off all orders of $15.00 or more when you use the code:

Charm & Gumption – you all know I love Charm & Gumption, Holly has an amazing shop filled with lots of awesome stuff such as prints, office supplies and even pretty coffee mugs! Holly has been kind enough to offer all my beautiful Glitter Bug readers 15% off any order when you use the code GLITTERBDAY isn’t that awesome!! Now hurry on over to Charm & Gumption and grab yourself some goodies or even Christmas gifts!

My little shop - Dear Chantilly is taking part in the giveaway but I’m not going to talk about the good things of my shop – that’s a little to ‘look at me’ for myself. But you can get 20% off your order when you use the code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY at the checkout – so get shopping! Okay, now let’s get started on the giveaway! Each of these 3 shops will be putting something fun into the ‘bucket’ and one lucky winner is going to win! All you have to do is follow the instructions on the rafflecopter below and cross your fingers!

The winner will be drawn Tuesday, 14th October and the winner will be announced here on Glitter Bug, Wednesday the 15th. Winner will be chosen by the answer to the question given according to the Australian Giveaway Laws. 

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