August 29, 2014

Friday Favourites: Floral


Florals are a huge trend right now – and rightly so, they can be totally gorgeous. They can also be easily overdone. When it comes to rocking florals I think there are just a few simple rules: 1. Know what works for you and 2. Rock it. It’s pretty simple really, basically some people are more suited to smaller prints – others to larger more prominent prints. Once you know your body type and the styles of clothes that work for you and then the rest becomes easy; try on some pieces with both large and small floral prints (separately of course), check them out in the mirror and then have a friend (who will be honest with you) tell you what they think. Floral’s can be intimidating but don’t worry – there is a floral print out there for everyone. And if you’re too scared to start your floral journey with something as bold as the dress above, go simple and start with some floral jewellery (like the ring above which is on sale!) or a floral scarf and work your way up!

I’m totally in love with numbers 4 and 6 (on sale!) not to mention that backpack, the baseball tee and the hoodie! I can totally imagine number 4 paired with a nude/beige high waisted pencil skirt, pumps and some dainty jewellery. I can’t even tell you how much I’m drawn to the print on number 6 – for some reason it just speaks to me, loudly. What are your thoughts on the floral trend? 

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August 27, 2014

Monochrome Cake Topper

As I mentioned on Monday my brothers birthday was last Tuesday and we made him a donut tower birthday cake. When I got the donuts home and built up the ‘cake’ I realised it needed something to finish it off. We didn’t have any cake toppers so I grabbed a few supplies I had on hand and whipped some up in 10 minutes flat. They turned out amazing and I absolutely love them and plan to resuse them in the future for other birthdays. I stuck with a basic monochrome colour scheme and added a touch of blue with some rhinestones. I think my favourite part is the roses – they may seem a little girly but which all that black I thought they needed some feminity, plus I stuck them down with double sided foam tape so I can change them out if I want. I think they turned out perfect and today I’m sharing how to make them. Enjoy!

       photo http---signaturesmylivesignaturecom-54492-72-1B3F8386394C104CE312171E1E563EA4_zps5c57771f.png

August 26, 2014

Shop Update: 2014 Halloween Collection

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I was going to be releasing my new 2014 Halloween Collection today in the shop. Well, I did and they are all available for purchase and I’m so excited! I’m loving this new collection and but I’m now realising it’s time for me to move onto Christmas – am I the only one still in denial about that, how is it almost September?!?!

Anyway since I’m releasing my very first Hallowen Collection I’m having my biggest sale yet and I’m so excited! I’m offering 15% off when you use the code HAPPYHALLOWEEN so hop on over to the shop and grab some of the Halloween goodness!!

Every item in the 2014 Halloween Collection comes in 2 headband colour choices - Charcoal and Halloween Orange and a few select items come with a 3rd colour option - Snow White. I think my favourite pieces from this collection are the Witch Kitty Headband, the Ninja Kitty Headband and the Irridecent Sequin 'Boo' Headband... I'm also pretty in love with that Candy Corn Headband too - which is your favourite??

** Feel free to share this sale with all your friends – remember sharing is caring! **

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August 25, 2014

Our Week

This week was birthday week. We celebrated two brithdays on consecutive days. Bella’s 5th Birthday on Monday and Adam’s 17th Birthday in Tuesday. We kicked of Monday with a photoshoot – I made Bella wear her party hat, which she throughly hated and she made sure to give me the fisheye every time I tried to take a picture. It took her exactly 3.5 seconds to get it off once I told her she could and it ended up tossed across the patio. Our photo session was promtly followed by a play with the well worn bone I bought only 3 months ago. As Bella’s birthday gift she got a new bone toy which I whipped up that morning (I’ll be sharing the tutorial for that soon.), so we had a play with that too. And while they played,  I photographed and Skippa ate dirt.

Tuesday brought another birthday – my little brothers who turned 17. He’s really into fitness at the moment so this year the birthday fairy bought him lots of excerise grear and four pairs of socks. I had great plans to make a breakfast donut tower for his birthday as a start to a new birthday celebration. I made a batch of donuts the night before and when I baked them the next morning that were a miserable fail so I chucked them and we drove to the town over to do some groccery shopping and I grabbed 16 donuts and made myself a donut tower. I decorated the donut tower with a handmade cake topper that I whipped up in under 20 minutes  - tutorial coming Wednesday. We ended our birthday celebrations with a celebratory trip to Subway for dinner and of course the devouring of our donut tower. My brother hates pictures and would barely sit still for us to get a good one so you’ll have to laugh along with us at the ones we did get.

The rest of our week was pretty boring, a lot of working on new items for the shop. I’m releasing the new 2014 Halloween Collection today so I’ll be posting about that tomorrow! I’m also offering a special celebratory Halloween sale so stay tuned for that a more fun this week!

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